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Every Action... ...affects the
...leaving a
...on our planet

The climateers app aims to improve our world through simple sustainable actions helping communities all around the world to #leavenomark on your planet.

We’ve got four fantastic features for you to choose from:

Struggling to find a sustainable alternative to beef, chicken or dairy? Then try our Sustainable Swaps feature. We’ve got straight swap alternatives, plus some inspirational recipes to try out too.

Looking to make small changes today that will have a big impact tomorrow? Then our sustainable Quests are for you. Earn points and plant trees every time you complete a Quest.

Can't find the motivation to kick-start those sustainable habits? Then Grab a Gang together. Connect, commit and have fun with friends and family too. Did you know that you are more likely to succeed when undertaking new challenges in groups?

Want to avoid being greenwashed? Then educate yourself on all things sustainability with our Tips, Tricks and Hacks. From Simplifying the science to the pros and cons of vegetable boxes, we've got it covered.

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are currently testing all the above features. Fancy joining them?  Leave us your details below along with the feature you are most interested in and we’ll be in touch.