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The rollercoaster ride of a startup ...

We are four passionate individuals that are concerned and want to do something about climate change. Climate change is real, so it seemed strange that there were lots of governments, institutions, businesses, and consumers talking the talk. However, we could see very little walking the walk.

Why was this? That's a good question, and it appears there are lots of reasons. A lack of time, perhaps? Sometimes a lack of information, sometimes too much or confusing information. Possibly, it's a lack of motivation, particularly when we are all busy with limited time. Frequently, it's a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness - a belief that we can't make a difference.

Well, we hear you, because that's how we felt too! And that's why we started on this journey of sustainability.

We are four co-founders - Nick, Elias, Nicola and Freddy, who started climateers, a startup from Berlin, in November 2020. We aim to help individuals and communities around the world live more sustainably.

Our first challenge was to understand why individuals could not act sustainably and then develop an app that would make that easy! There aren't many startups who get it right the first time, and we are no different. We have tried over the past six months to make several possibilities work. It has been challenging and, at times, hugely disappointing, but we are better and stronger for going through a rigorous product discovery process. We are not there yet, but now we are definitely going in the right direction.

Individuals who want to live more sustainably are why we do what we do. So, we continue to keep users at the core of our product development, conducting regular user interviews to deliver value continuously. Our latest offering appears to be very promising, but we will continue to iterate until we find the best version possible.

We're still looking for that 'golden nugget' - for us, but more importantly for YOU.

climateers Team

We are enthusiastically working on our vision, to make this world a greener place.

Nicola Reynolds

Co-Founder, CMO

Felix Bachstein


Nick Wüsthoff

Co-Founder, CEO

Emil Kromminga


Elias Wolf

Co-Founder, CTO

Rico Herzog

Website & Design

Frederick Gamer

Co-founder, CPO

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