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Find 200 fun, crazy, exciting and simple climate actions in the climateers app

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Start your climate-saving journey today and discover the many simple climate actions you can do to help stop climate change

"Tinder for Sustainability"

Swipe through over 200 eco-friendly actions that cover a wide range of categories from zero-waste and plastic-free to vegan tips and green energy. Choose actions that best suit you and your lifestyle, and we support you to accomplish them.

Climate Inspiration

Over 200 ideas that you can do against climate change.

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Swipe right if you want to do an action. Swipe left to skip.

Understand your climate impact

Collect points based on your impact. Many small steps sum up to a big!

Collaborate with friends

In the app, you can see what your friends are doing and join them in doing something about climate change.

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